History and Background

The present institution you see today is a product of evolution from the original D. B. Peña Memorial Institute which was founded in 1949 by Mrs. Concepcion Rios- Peña as a fitting tribute to a worthy husband, Mr. Daniel B. Peña. As the benefactor of the institute, Mrs. Peña pursued the ideals and vision of her late husband, who in his lifetime was a civic leader and an educator himself. The primary objective of the institute was to educate the youth by providing the means or facility to pursue the same.

As a privately-owned institution, it was authorized by then, Bureau of Private Schools in 1949 to offer few courses and in the second semester of School Year 1951- 1952, additional college courses were authorized to be offered. The progress attained by the school in the 3-year operation gave encouragement to the Administration and sparked a greater optimism for expansion and growth. But coupled with expansion problems attendant thereto and the economic crisis which beset the enrolment, nothing was spared including the school. It is worthy of mention though that the school was already a thriving institution. But again, the high cost of operation and maintenance proved too much to be contained. And so, the Administration decided to phase-out the collegiate courses and reverted back to the old Secondary Curriculum and the Auto- Mechanic Course. This status was maintained between 1953-1962, a period of nine (9) years. This may be called retrograde movement opted by the Administration, but which may be the best option at that time. At that point in time, it was a case of survival. From a period of standstill, the Administration recovered its bearing, and in 1962 the College Department was again revived but this time, it was under a new administration. Dean Benigno Reyes was then the head of the Education Department ably assisted by a team of faculty recruited by the Dean from the Old Albay Normal School, Legazpi City. And after the results of operation for the 1st Semester of 1962 were completed, it was found to be very encouraging. At the opening of the 2nd Semester, the Director of Private Schools authorized the college department to offer additional courses and increase in enrolment were recorded. This apparent growth and development may be attributed to the employment of experienced and competent instructors, the new- look of the old Administration building after a face- lifting work, the changing of the name from Institute to College, the improvement of instructional facilities, improved discipline and the offering of more college courses. These foregoing records of Daniel B. Peña Memorial College are the significant landmarks of its achievements in the field of educational endeavour. They reflected the intrepid and the indomitable will of the founder and benefactor. When the founder died, Mr. Rodobaldo Castillon, Sr. and Mr. Salvador V. Rios, Jr. took over as the school Administrators. Upon Mr. Castillon’s retirement, Mr. Salvador V. Rios, Jr., an MBA graduate and a very able leader together with an equally skilful alter-ego, Atty. Rolando Mer Panganiban and a crew of well- schooled faculty members, in the person of Mrs. Ester F. Rios, Treasurer, Dr. Jovena C. Borrero, Dean of Education/ AB/ Graduate Studies, to name a few, formed the new corps of mentors which skilfully and dutifully stood by the new administration.

Today, as the college begins to chart a new course in the 3rd Millennium, everybody are living witnesses to the improvement, progress and growth of the college. In its continuing pursuit of its educational mandates, the college under the leadership of Mr. Salvador V. Rios, Jr. (Lt. Col. Salvador V. Rios, Jr., PA (Res) alongside with the Vice-President, Maria Cristina Rios-Molato and Member of the Board, Mr. Miguel C. Molato, have prepared for the challenges of the new decade and beyond- inspired and highly motivated mentored in modern day management techniques complimented with adequately prepared and experienced faculty staff, the New Administration is now geared towards a new mission. To continue what the Founder has started, that is providing quality education to the First District of Albay; in pursuit of excellence and giving Firm foundation to better Education.