What is MOODLE?

MOODLE is a virtual learning environment (VLE) also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) that allows teachers to provide students with access to electronic teaching and learning materials (such as lecture notes, links to useful websites, as well as other resources) and access to activities (such as discussion forums, assignments, and other interactive activities.) MOODLE can be accessed from anywhere like at home as well as in school.

What does the word “MOODLE” stand for?

The word MOODLE is an acronym for Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment.

How can students login to MOODLE?

Students use their DBPMCF username and password which corresponds to the username and password they use to go on their electronic devices (computer, laptop, mobile phone) and check their DBPMCF email account.

New students are given their MOODLE username and password and shown how to login to MOODLE by their class adviser during orientation.

Are students notified when a teacher updates his/her MOODLE page or on assignment on that page?

Students are not automatically notified of changes to a teacher’s MOODLE page. It is the student’s responsibility to check the teacher’s page. However, MOODLE has some features to help students track changes. When students log into MOODLE, the home page they see has information that has been “pulled” from the various courses they are enrolled in. The “Upcoming Events”, “Site News” and “Calendar” blocks will point them to pages they should be sure to visit. Those same blocks are on each course page. Additionally, teachers may communicate via a student’s Google for Education email account.

What is MOODLE Mobile?

MOODLE Mobile is the free official app for MOODLE.

To get MOODLE mobile

Note that the mobile app does not have all of the functionality available on the full site. For example, blocks, such as the Adviser/Parent block, are not displayed on the mobile app so you will not be able to check grades using the mobile app.